How well do you know your Audience?

Do you know the importance of target market research?
How do I use this information in my process?

“Our target market is male and female ages from 0 & up”

Does anyone see the problem in that?

How will you cover all of those people when it comes to building your brand?  The answer is very simple, you can’t! To understand the vibes you want to create you need to understand your target market first. How do we work together to do this?

I take you on a journey of discovery. Most clients already have an understanding of their target market but some do not and I felt their was a need for a blog post on this to help you understand that I just don’t create logos, I do more than that, I create visual representations that have a purpose, through target market research. Some people find this part boring but I love it!!!!

It helps my clients to understand their target market, it means you doing some homework into refining who your target market is, you might have a few different segments but in each of those segments we will break it down to develop a profile for each segment.

Then we refine it again and again and develop a imaginary person, we give each profile a name, then research further into the demographics of this person, understanding the psychographics of this person, knowing where to target this person. Understanding the position of your business and then knowing what solutions your business can help them with, through your service or product.

Once we understand the profiles, I can then undertake further research into this person and understand what makes this person tick, what makes this person’s heart sing, what are their needs and desires. How can your business meet their needs? Is there a need?

Target market research is a process of discovery and you need to be open to what you find. The colour’s that will attract you target market might not be the colours you like. What evokes emotion in your target market comes from the brand you develop and the message that you give. My last blog focus on this you can read it here. For some of my clients it means stepping out of their comfort zone and doing surveys to find out the needs and wants of this profile.

‘A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever happens there’

Once the client is 100% happy with the profiles and they understand the positioning of their business in this market then we get to move onto the fun and exciting stuff of building them a visual representation of that brand that will attract their profiles.

It sounds all very daunting but I am here to guide you along this journey and help you discover whom the right people are to target to.

If this is done right at the start before you open your business the chances of being successful are much higher then going at it blind.  Once your vibe is developed and you have an identity it makes it easier to flow that style through to the marketing material and boom!!! You know where to target them.

‘There is only one thing more precious than our time
and that’s who we spend it on’    Leo Christopher

I take all this vital information and I learn to understand it, I then break it down and translate it and from there, I use that information to create it. This is your journey with me. Are you keen to discover it?

Lets do coffee some time!!!! Whether it be in person or through a screen I would love to hear from you and support your business.